Adventure. Awareness. Empowerment.

This is what clients can expect from Uso Africa Safaris.

Uso Africa Safaris is a values-driven company that provides clients a once-in-a-lifetime Kenyan adventure filled with wildlife-viewing as well as experiences in local communities that increase their awareness and understanding about the world. And we do so while supporting and empowering local people and organizations that address important issues in their communities, through careful and deliberate choices in our itineraries, vendors and tour partners.

At Uso Africa Safaris, we only work with lodges and other vendors with a demonstrated track record of supporting the regions in which they are located.  We also allocate a portion of our profits to local organizations that work in the communities where we travel. Clients will see many of these organizations first-hand.

Safari travelers have an opportunity to not only to experience a once-in-a-lifetime trip filled with adventure and fantastic photographs; they also have an opportunity to contribute to the betterment of communities through the choices they make as a traveller, and the betterment of themselves through increased awareness about cultures and issues that exist on our planet. We hope you will choose Uso Africa Safaris to help you accomplish all of these goals.

Clients can choose one of our pre-packaged trips, or we can work with you to help customize an itinerary that meets the specific interests and needs of your group.  Ready for adventure? Ready to make an impact? If so, contact us!